Welcome aboard Starbase 310!

Welcome aboard Starbase 310!


Starbase 310, despite the name, is a Planetary Base located on Alpha Trianguli III. Alpha Trianguli III or "AT3" as it's referred to by those stationed there is a Class L planet currently being terraformed into a Class M planet. Alpha Trianguli III is located in the binary star system Alpha Trianguli which is near the former Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, 63 lightyears from the Terran system.

Three-ten is home to the Third Marine Expeditionary Unit, 310th Patrol & Reconnaissance Aerospace Group, and of course the home of the AT3 Terraforming Project. The base is made up of a starbase type structure and currently consists of four different environmental domes that allow for training, residential, and recreational spaces for Starfleet and Terraforming Project Personnel.

Out of Character

Starbase 310 is a collaborative writing group and member of Bravo Fleet (Fourth Fleet) and its Task Force 72. All members must be eighteen years of age or older to join. This group will focus on character-driven writing of those assigned to the base in sometimes very different roles throughout their on and off duty time. All members of this sim will be requested to have a Bravo Fleet Management System account for biography import and to be part of our out of character Discord community. Anyone having a character primarily in one of our specialty unit is suggested to have an NPC in another department in order to better keep involved with missions that may not always involve their departments.

Any questions please contact a member of the Command Team on our Discord.